#MedicalSchool Chronicles : 1st Week of Summer Practice

I just finished my third year of medical school, which meant a lot to me, but especially these two things :

  •   I’d written (and passed, thank God) five of the most grueling exams I’ve ever taken on, and
  • I get to begin summer practice (as we’re 3rd/4th year students, it’s basically nursing training)

The practicals consist of two “parts” : surgery and propaedeutics, with each taking two weeks. My group and I started off with Surgery, and luckily we were all assigned to the same hospital.

W e got zero time to recover from exam fever, and having been sent two pdf files detailing instructions concerning addresses and such of our practise in Russian language, and having to decode the whole thing, which really wasn’t a bother, but it did give a sense of foreboding to the coming events..

Elder students had given their opinions about it, most based on personal experiences, which summarized as a single point : boring.  So, I wasn’t necessarily looking forward to the whole experience. I knew it was something I would have to get through, and experiencing the inner workings medical care, on some level, seemed like a plus to me.

MONDAY :  Was a public holiday! The independence day for the country I study in, Belarus. So, practicals were moved to begin the next day. I was overjoyed. A free day to do whatever, go out with friends, make new experiences…. So, of course I stayed indoors in bed. Only switching off my lazy mode later in the day, to prep for practise. Packing my bag, ironing my lab-coat..the works. As i did this, i weighed the idea of skipping the entire thing and choosing  a diff career, like opening up a flower shop…

TUESDAY :   Didn’t start off so well. We (my group mates and I) had misunderstood the time placement of our first meeting, so a bit past 7’00 that morning had me traipsing about my kitchen, lazily making breakfast [which was egg on rice..yummy egg on rice], imagining taking my time eating it while watching YouTube videos… till a group mate came by and burst my bubble. The meeting was by 10, and while this may not seem like a big deal, the hospital is really far away, so I had to hurry.

thank you secondary school for endowing me with the ability to fly through my morning routine..

My friend and I got “misplaced” on our way to the hospital, but somehow got there in time for the meeting. It was entirely in Russian, but the really fast version, so we could barely keep up. We got the gist however, signed in our names and were off to our assigned posts.

My friend and I, very luckily, got placed with a kind nurse. Lots of smiles and making us feel comfortable, with a beautiful name : Валетина (valentina). 

We sat for quite some time in the nursing station before we were given something to do : intramuscular injections! yay! lol, really, I’m much more confident in that particular field now.

WEDNESDAY : the boredom… oh, the boredom! but I came prepared this time. In with my extra pair of shoes and surgical gloves/cap, I packed in a novel and my headphones.

The patient we had brought in from the surgical ward is doing much better. He’s walking about his room , still rocking a yellow skin tone, but I’m glad he seems better.

More intramuscular injections. A few errands to other departments. We learned how to change drip bags. And break time to the hospital canteen., but still with yellow colored skin. He took his injections well enough, so that was cool.

THURSDAY :  Nooooo… My sweetheart nurse is absent, and a new lady is sitting at her place. And she is n o t smiling.

I bring my own lunch now, as the options in the canteen were just snacks and sugar and coffee, and maybe tea. I still got some tea. We bumped into our other group mates and got into a dramatic hugging session.

The new nurse turns out to be nice too (this is what people mean when they say, God is good). More learning and injections… More coping with novels and social media.

FRIDAY : Yay!! It’s the last working day of the week. Admin of more injections, especially intramuscular injections, and being given more responsibilities. We were allowed/expected to respond to the patient’s call, insofar as it was an area we had already received instruction in (of course, a nurse accompanied us, but we were allowed/encouraged to work independently).

Lol, owk, I know how much of a downer i sound right about now, so lemme throw in some highlights :

  • We are actually learning and handling responsibilities. It’s not much, and there are slow moments, but we’re learning.
  • Miss Valentina
  • my friend’s company.. misery loves company, yo
  • I’ve gotten farther in this novel I’m reading, with a plot that feels like crawling through mud.
  • there’s a huge supermarket opposite the hospital..not my fav, but it’s easy to pick up midweek emergency groceries.
  • this should be one of the first : I get to be immersed in the language more, which is a definite plus.

So, that was my first week.. and how am I feeling? Good. I’m feeling pretty good. The hours are comfortable, and there’s potential to learn a lot. And as much as I want my summer to actually  be summer, I’m looking forward to next week.

QUESTION time :  How’s your summer going? What are you up to? Is it shaping up to your expectations? and hey! if you’re a fellow #medstudent, holla at me in the comments!



6 thoughts on “#MedicalSchool Chronicles : 1st Week of Summer Practice

  1. Amazing exprience at the gyncological oncology department , amazing nurses and patients…preoperative prep n postoperative care…patient recovery n going home…
    Injections , IVs , premedication for surgery n prophylaxis for thrombus, cleaning of surgical wounds n general care of patients ..
    I get to interact with patients ..some asking questions while others are just amazed by all the happenings.

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  2. Obstetrics and Gynaecology and paediatrics
    Paediatrics looking more interesting to me than Obs and Gynaecology. Of course community medicine ever boring tutorials but exciting field trips.

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  3. I will right away grab your rss feed as I can’t find your e-mail subscription link or newsletter service. Do you have any? Please let me know in order that I could subscribe. Thanks.


    • Hello! 😊… I don’t have a newsletter service as of yet, but i do have an email subscription button on the site page (I’ll cross-check if there are any issues with it though at the moment).. Thank you!! 😊


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