#MedicalSchool Chronicles : 2nd Week Roundup and Finishing A Boring Novel

The second week of my summer practise was….something. In the sense that nothing more really happened, and recall last week’s events here . Maybe I had been expecting too much excitement, (imagine a scene from any Grey’s Anatomy episode).. I had been expecting just a little bit of that, which would have been fine, but nope. 

Now, this wasn’t a bad thing. It meant the patients were stable and recuperating. Meant that their loved ones were breathing easier. Meant that I had little to nothing to do. But I consider the last point pretty insignificant in light of the obvious bigger picture. But still…

Highlights Of The Week :

  • “Our” patients recognized us pretty well now. There was this particular guy that had about two surgeries in the time we came to know him, and whenever we would come in to change the drip, he’d be giving us instructions on how to go about it (lol, they kinda all tended to that. It’s cute).
  • The conversations I had with nurses and patients. They were very curious about Nigeria, the fruits we have there, the housing, government structure.. How it compared to theirs here in Belarus. All in all, I as able to practise my Russian, and Lord knows I need practice.
  • The sons of the cтаршая медсёстра  (senior nurse). Particularly, the first son. Wow. The guy is fiiiiiinnnne. She was showing off her family to us in pictures, and just snatched my soul away with the guy’s picture. Unfortunately, he’s married…∗cries into my pillow∗, and I’m not about to become a home wrecker, so I’m going to chill.. Plus, the fact he’s living in the US and not available to be snatched.
  • The yummy lunches I barely packed. I got lazy about it midweek, and it wasn’t pretty.

The last day took on a different light though. We had been given these tiny blue booklets to fill in what we had learned, and how often we had practised/performed what we had learned. And these would be reviewed by senior doctors in the hospital. Seeing as we were given little to do, we were pretty confused as to how to go about it.

Turns out there are some similarities between Naija and here after all. We basically had to cook the books. And assisted by none other than the head nurse herself. I was pretty shocked. Shocked and disappointed. We had been there for two weeks.. Time enough to take on new skills, and I do accept some level of personal responsibility. We could have been more pushy, asked/demanded for more; but we had been put in their care, and had little to show for it.

Now, this isn’t me bashing the hospital, or even the nurse herself. I felt wronged by the apparent cover-up that was being enforced, and this is me ranting.

However, I do want to end this post on a positive note, so : Game Of Thrones is coming back on the 17th of this MONTH!! Clear your schedules, get your popcorn kernels stacked … Winter has come.

Question time? : How do you deal with bureaucratic wahala? Are you a GOT fan as well? How’s your summer shaping up? Let’s talk in the comments!

    Hey! Curious about the boring novel referenced in the title? Check out my Goodreads account (featured below)! If you’ve read it too, and think I’ve done the book injustice (lol), reach out to me in the comments!

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