Dealing With Fictional Loss or The Jarring Finality of Death

She’s about a year old, giggling and happy and surrounded by toys. Her father lies beside her on the rug .He’s been carrying a camera around for a while now, she’s expected to start walking soon. Suddenly, it happens. She gets up on her feet and stumbles forward a few steps. Her father is ecstatic, he’s started filming and shouts for her mom. She’s sitting on the floor in seconds , but to her dad, it was everything.

Years have passed, she’s grown now, in the 6th grade. Her father is filming her finishing breakfast, off to another day of school. She smiles at him, resignedly . He tends to make big productions of small moments in her life, but she doesn’t mind. She know it’s because he loves her and she loves him too.Read More »

An Incident In Grodno 

My roommate was standing at the bus stop with her friend. They were going somewhere, I don’t remember where, and the bus was taking a bit of time. Finally, the bus arrived . They move towards the back door and the “youngish” lady that had been waiting there earlier veers off quickly to the other. My roommate recalls that the bus had been crowded, but they still had a clear view of “youngish lady”, who took time to turn around and give the occasionally  finger to both of them. Read More »