#thoughtsandprayers (or the one where i became Job)…

Somewhere inbetween lazing around on Saturday morning, and catching up on rap beef (#choosing no sides because Em is king, but MGK is cool in my book). It occured to me that for people living in South/North Florida, they could care less about Eminem’s lyricism or whatever topic currently holds our collective attention on social media.

The residents in said states, had the security of their daily routines yanked away when Hurricane Florence came with its “ life-threatening storm surges and hurricane force winds..”

Florence, now a tropical depression, is still a dangerous storm and is dumping excessive rainfall on wide areas of North Carolina and South Carolina, causing historic flooding.

Source : ABC weather

Two of the first known fatalities – a mother and her seven-month son – were reported in the city on Friday morning. At least 15 other people are reported to have died in storm-related incidents across North and South Carolina since Florence made landfall on Thursday

Source : bbc.co.uk

I tried (and failed) to understand the monumental loss of property and life. And I wanted to express at least, a bit of what i felt. Detangle through the jumble of emotions and reach out somehow.

So, I decided in all my millenial glory to put out a “thoughtsandprayers” tweet. Something along the lines of “May God keep you and your own safe..” It took me too long to actually even come up with that, and the writer in me was quite appalled at this; but the words just seemed empty somehow.

And then doubt whispered : isn’t God the one allowing the storm to happen?

That gave me pause.

He did know what was happening, how many people were dying and suddenly, my tweet and the intention behind it seemed…insufficient.

Even as the thought crossed my mind, I acknowledged the Job Situation I was placing myself in. Assuming that God was somehow unaffected my the trauma and pain these people were suffering, because why isn’t He doing anything.. Or why He’s letting it happen.

I still don’t have the answers to these questions. But I’ll take God at His Word that (paraphrased) even when everything sucks and we’re surrounded by despair, He’ll never give more than we can bear, and that when we’re at our lowest, He’ll provide us with a way out.

At least, I’m trying to.

But yeah, I do want to do more than tweet, and if you feel the same, check out any of the possible ways you can help.

Ps, if a tweet is all you can do, then tweet away. There’s no judgement here.

2 thoughts on “#thoughtsandprayers (or the one where i became Job)…

    • Hey there!!.. i know. I’ve been absent for way too long, stuck in my own head and falling into a negative introspective cycle. The longer I stayed away, the more i convinced myself i wasn’t very good at it…. Thank you for staying with me for this long ❤️.. (ps, my friends literally just gave me a lecture for not writing, so I’ll have something out soon 🙏🏾)

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