“Table for one, please!” ….(or the perspective of a single female)

“You kinda need to have someone, you know. Not necessarily be in a relationship, but yeah.. We’ll soon be in final year.. You need to have someone.”

That was said to me by a classmate/friend the other day in class. The topic of marriage/relationships had come up somehow (I forget how), and I had commented of my lack of a significant other and the fact I was in no hurry to get said person.

He seems to disbelieve me…. Aren’t you in your 20’s already and with medicine, you know how it is….

And I do. Medicine is a demanding mistress, expecting 100% commitment and involvement without the assurance of… (Certain success. Synonym). However the notion of having someone because my biological clock was looming over my head was not a particular worry of mine.

And not because I’m not worried about said biological clock running out on me, because I do have those days;


I’m not about to start a relationship because I’m afraid of said biological clock running out on me. I’m in the camp of:

I’m going to strive to be the best version of myself – because I can”…

Working on my writing, exploring my interests, making meaningful friendships, furthering my medical career, taking care of my body, getting close again with God…

And if in all of that, I find a life partner : all well and good. And if not?… That’s fine too.

It’s possible to have a fulfilling life sans boy,girlfriend/spouse, and with I refuse to have anyone tell me otherwise.

[On my parent’s part, they have yet to succumb to the stereotypical “soooo, is there anyone we should know about?” question.

My Mother stalks me sufficiently enough on social media to be kept up-to-date and my Dad’s focus is mostly on my academic achievements, so we’ve never had the conversation. I’m quite glad for this.]

Ps, if I’m near about to die of baby-fever, I’d adopt a baby…. The end.

12 thoughts on ““Table for one, please!” ….(or the perspective of a single female)

  1. I’m still not sure how hard it is to accept that some people have the ability to be happy while single. I’ve had someone tell me I was faking it when I said I have no interest in having a whole man to myself. I feel like that’s a lot of responsibility and I’m not in the place where I thought I could handle that anymore. 🤷🏻‍♀️
    I wish people who are in relationships all the best but I have made peace with the fact that I’m probably not built for serious relationships.
    I’m talking too much. Okay. Bye.

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  2. Jeez! Most days when I’m being real with myself I actually am okay with no partner but I live in Nigeria and my mum has succumbed to the questions so on bad days I feel really pressured! Also adoption is such a wonderful idea I hope to actualize, today is a good day and I’m glad I am not alone in this thought 🙂 thanks babe😘

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  3. This is literally how I feel. Medicine is stressful plus having someone that will now have issues plus additional stress on top. I can’t oo. This biological clock stuff … there are different ways to make a child possible. Am not going to stress myself due to pressure from family just to get married. What if after a year you start regretting. There is no rush for forever with someone!!!

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