Dealing With Winter Ashiness

I have dry skin. Very dry skin. Which I inherited in combination, with my nose and D-cup, from my lovely parents, whom in retrospect where probably not considering the resulting mixture of their genes when they did that which shall not be named.

This was not a particular concern of mine while I lived in Nigeria. I did make sure to moisturize my skin (thank you, Vaseline! and all the Natural Oils…), but it didn’t go much beyond that.

Then, I came to study/live in Belarus (a small European country southwest of Russia) and experienced my first winter, and just like that, my years of so-and-so relationship with my skin came to a halt, and I knew I needed some sort of routine to avoid looking like I bathed in talcum powder on the reg.

It took a a hot minute, buuut, I finally got it. A routine of sorts, a selection of trusted products that could possibly take the ash away. Nothing to grace the feed of a beauty blogger or anything of the sort. But I’ve managed to reduce my ashy levels to near non-existent, because :

I became a moisture alchemist : Creams + Oils (Olive, Shea Butter and Coconut are my trusty trio and the only ones within my price range, because for some reason, natural oils are quite pricey here). It became a game of figuring out which ones worked best together, how they worked with my skin type and if they were kind on my purse.

The good body lotions gut me with their price tags, and the cheapskate in me wanted to stick with the lower shelf brands, with colorful packaging and sketchy ingredients, but the ashiness of winters’ past loosened my grasp on my purse strings.

The Igbo part of my blood cringes when they get scanned, but I’m still alive…

Here’s a non-sponsored (updated) list of skin care products I use(d) :


1) Avon Care (a very recent purchase, and my skin is loving it)
2) Dove ‘ Nourishing Secrets (I only bag this baby when it’s on sale 🙌
3) Parachute’ Pure Coconut Oil (it really is. Smells sooooo good too)
4) Зелёная Аптека ‘ крем для лица (face cream… with Vit C complex)
5) Olive oil (no games, from the grocery store)
6) Vitamin E oil….

I’m not the only alchemist either. Have peeped my roommate a few times, doing the same. And the black girl in me smiles, and I wonder for a minute why she uses way more of my shea butter than she does hers.

Side note : Okay, I know winter is long gone. I’m clearing out my draft list, and came across this gem. Why I didn’t post this earlier? “One” phrase : over criticism of self. Hope you enjoyed it anyways!





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